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Maureen O'Brien
Business Keynote Speaker for Events

Maureen O'Brien is a keynote speaker available for business, corporate events, seminars, conferences and more.Maureen O'Brien is a professional sales person and business owner who happens to speak. Maureen is a real life, self-made success story. She is living the principles about which she speaks everyday - it's not something she has read in a book.

MO, as she's known to her friends and colleagues, graduated with a degree in education. Her first post college job was in sales for a Fortune 500 Company selling building products to contractors in the Chicago area; not so usual for a woman. After she married, continuous relocation became less desirable. She combined her knowledge of building products and her love of building relationships in sales to create and sustain her own exterior remodeling company. The company was born in 1982. At the same time, her first son entered the world. That gave way to the company name O'Brien & Son, Inc. Maureen and her infant son were in business. They traveled door to door selling siding, gutters, and windows!

As glamorous as that sounds, those were tough days for the young mother. True to form, she imposed her will to get the job done. Gradually, she built the business into a formidable establishment in tandem with building her family of six!

People were intrigued to learn the story of this engaging woman and her choice to play with the "big boys" in a non-traditional field. Requests began to come. Business and organizations were asking her to share her story. That was the birth of O'Brien & Son Consulting. With her degree in education and the equivalent of a "doctorate" in hard knocks and life experience, Maureen created programs in SALES NEGOTIATION SKILLS, LEADERSHIP, CUSTOMER LOYALTY, from her own lived experience that audiences have appreciated both nationally and internationally. She authored the book, “Get Your Big Girl Pants On and SELL Something—A Handbook for Women (and Really Progressive Men) In Sales” which has been a top seller at business conferences. She developed "MO-MENTUM UNIVERSITY" and the 'IT' Theory For Success Curriculum - the content of which is Imagination and Tenacity! She also developed the curriculum for Takecara 'U' a program utilized for personal development addressing SELF CARE, WORK LIFE BALANCE, and STRESS RELIEF. O’Brien authored the workbook “Oneness. Wholeness. Wellness—30 Days To TakeCaraU!”

Through MO-MENTUM 'U' you can be sure that your organization will reflect, re-ignite, re-energize, and re-invent to get the job done! Imagining the goal is one part of the strategic plan. Tenacity - or 'stick-to-it-tiveness' is equally important to making that plan a reality!

If you want to learn to increase your sales negotiation skills, to increase and sustain customer loyalty, to learn strategies for stress relief and balance, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll get all that and more through MO-MENTUM ‘U’™.

Maureen O'Brien has been honored as ~ "One of the Most Influential Women in Business" by the Chicago Business Ledger and the National Association of Women Business Owners has been named "Humanitarian of the Year" by the National Speakers Association - IL.

Maureen O'Brien is the current President of the National Speakers Association - Illinois.

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Maureen O’Brien, CEO, MOF
O’Brien & Son, Inc.
Batavia, IL