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Think of yourself as a salesperson? 
If not, start thinking again…

Everyone is in sales.  Everyone.  Each of us has to sell something whether it be an idea, a concept, a service, or a product.  Whether you own your own business or work for one, this book will help you sharpen your sale-ability and give you practical strategies for moving yourself forward.
Maureen O’Brien shares her more than 25 years of corporate, retail, and in-home selling in this concise, candid, and humorous book. After each chapter, you can expect to learn and implement significant selling strategies.  You will learn your true I.D™, how to have I.T.™, and a new definition for Salesperson.

Excerpt from "Get Your Big Girl Pants On and Sell Something":

  • There is NO ONE else in the universe like you
  • There is NO ONE else in the universe that has your power.
  • There is NO ONE else in the universe that is as unique, gifted, or called to your purpose as you are..

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C’Mon...Invest in YOU…
It’s time to get your BIG GIRL PANTS! 

Imagine an opportunity for you
to take time for yourself…

Imagine a way that you could offer yourself a way to think deeper thoughts, to contemplate your daily living.  You’ll get that in  Oneness. Wholeness. Wellness. Four Ways to C.A.R.E Enough to Takecara “U” -- A 30 Day Workbook.”   This working plan will help you do just that.  Once you learn and implement the C.A.R.E. strategies, you will almost immediately recognize your ability to apply them in both your personal and professional life.

Learn about The C.A.R.E. components:

  • Contemplation
  • Attitude/Acceptance
  • Responsibility
  • Extension/Excellence

Give yourself this gift…Remember to TakecaraU!

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Takecarra "U" Oneness, Wholeness, Wellness Book
Takecara "U"

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