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Maureen's Takecara "U" workshops help individuals learn how to develop personal skills in the business environment by taking care of themselvs, their customers and colleagues. Learn how to effectively communicate through written and verbal media.

Takecara ‘U’™ -- Self Care:
It’s difficult to be effective with co-workers if you feel over worked, over stressed, and under- appreciated. While you’re so busy taking care of everyone else, what are the things that you can do to take care of yourself so that you are best able handle all of the demands on your day? What if you could learn a four step process that would enhance not only your professional but your personal life? You’ll get it in the TakecaraU self care session! Come and learn techniques through the Curriculum of © C.A.R.E., that will help you relax, refocus, and rejuvenate “U.”

Takecara ‘U’™ -- Customers:
As difficult as they can be, your customers fund your paycheck! But how can you deal with customers who get angry, are impatient, or expect you to do more than what you believe to be possible? Utilizing the same four step ©C.A.R.E. process as listed above, in this session, we will discuss and discover ways to deal with difficult customers, prioritize a hectic daily schedule, and help you make each customer feel like they are the only customer you have!

Takecara ‘U’™ -- Colleagues:
Sometimes customers can be a breeze compared to those who we report to, work beside, or lead! Again, utilizing the curriculum of ©C.A.R.E., you will learn new and creative ways of effective communication both verbally and written, including stating your views concisely and succinctly. Have some fun reviewing case studies that may be “a little too close to home!” This is a session you will NOT want to miss!

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